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Air Conditioning and Energy Efficient Heating Systems

Turn Key Air Conditioning are a UK company leading the way in the design and installation of air conditioning and heating systems.

Air Conditioning for the Built Environment

Turn Key AC clients include hotels, shopping malls, offices, airports, factories, schools, colleges, department stores and distribution centres. We listen to our customers to create air conditioning and heating systems that meet all their requirements. TKAC work closely with architects, building contractors and legal services to provide an efficient service at the best possible price. To minimise disruption, TKAC have developed innovative off-site manufacturing techniques that allow up to 80% of the installation process to be completed before we arrive at the customer's premises.

Installation of air conditioning and technologically advance heating systems including air source heat systems is easier and often less expensive during new build projects. Turn Key AC are able to use their expertise in air conditioning design to retrofit heating and air conditioning systems into existing buildings as part of refurbishment projects or routine building maintenance.

TKAC Technologically Advanced Air Conditioning

Turn Key Air Conditioning work with all the major air conditioning and heating system manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Daikin & Toshiba to create air conditioning systems that are unique to the needs of the customer. As experts in air conditioning design we minimise capital and installation costs, and by utilising the latest technology we provide the most energy efficient and cost effective air conditioning systems on the market.

TKAC is a Business Solutions Partner of Mitsubishi Electrical, awarded in recognition of our commitment to technical, corporate and social responsibility.

Energy Efficient Air Source Heat Pumps

In most people's minds, air conditioning is associated with lowering temperatures. This is largely due to the simple fact that air conditioning is more noticeable on hot, sticky days when moving into a cooler and more comfortable environment is such a pleasurable experience. Turn Key Air Conditioning offer businesses and enterprises the opportunity to control their environment, creating the ideal ambient temperature for their customers, their products and their staff.

TKAC design heating and air conditioning systems that are energy efficient, create less CO2 and make substantial savings on running costs. One method of achieving this through the use of air source heat pumps.

Air source heat pumps use heat exchange technology to extract latent heat from the air outside using a vapour compression cycle. Ecodan air source heat pumps are so efficient in doing this they will produce 3kW of heating energy for every 1kW of energy they use, and they will continue working in outdoor temperatures as low as -25C.

Combined Air Conditioning and Heating Projects

Turn Key AC has created combined heating and air conditioning solutions for customers throughout the UK. Air source and ground source heat pumps can be successfully used to provide hot water as well as heating. A recent project saw us create a heating system for a special needs school in the midlands that provided heating for the whole school as well as enough hot water for a heated pool.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

All air conditioning systems above 12kw have to be inspected every 5 years and it is the responsibility of operators of air conditioning to regularly monitor F-Gas levels and service systems in order to minimise the risk of leakages. TKAC are a major air conditioning maintenance & service contractor. Regular maintenance by TKAC ensures all legal responsibilities are fully met while optimising the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of air conditioning systems.

With maintenance centres in Newcastle, Birmingham, London, Bristol, Cardiff, Bolton, Plymouth, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Limavady (Northern Ireland), Jersey and the Isle of Man, there is always an Turn Key Air Conditioning service engineer near to you.

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For further information on projects, products or services including F Gas Regulations and the phasing out of R22 gases visit our website at

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