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When our web promotion partners Turn Key Air Conditioning, chose to become one of the business solutions partners of Mitsubishi Electric, they ensured that their customers receive the benefits of some of the most ground breaking technology around. Mitsubishi Electric are one of the biggest names in world wide manufacture of state of the art air conditioning equipment, and are committed to providing a sustainable and economic solution. They are extremely selective about who they allow to install and maintain their air conditioning systems, and impose exacting quality and performance standards. They achieve this by ensuring that their representatives are members of their Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme. Turn Key Air Conditioning are proud to be part of this scheme, which plays a significant role in customer confidence.

Turn Key Air Conditionings association with Mitsubishi, has been influential in a number of positive outcomes, including their relationship with major hotels in and around London. Turn Key Air Conditioning have successfully completed projects for hotel groups like the Premier Inn hotel group, including a comprehensive air conditioning system installation in one of their central London hotels. Crucial requirements of the installation process established that there should be minimal disruption to the hotel’s activities, along with a minimum contractor presence on site. These requests presented absolutely no problem for Turn Key Air Conditioning, due to their innovative offsite manufacturing process. Configuration of the air conditioning cassettes took place at another location, and once prepared were simply delivered, elevated to their final destination, ‘the roof’ via a crane, then connected to the pipework already in place. As the kitchen extraction system had to be disabled during installation this was taken into account when arranging a time to carry out the work.

Incredibly, the whole undertaking took a mere 6 hours on a quiet Sunday morning, as opposed to the usual 3 weeks, cutting out any stress and inconvenience for the hotel staff and guests. Turn Key Air Conditioning offer a range of services in addition to air conditioning installation so to find out more, call Turn Key Air Conditioning on 0191 438 7410

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Our web promotion partners SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd, Essex, are market leading air conditioning, heating and plumbing experts with priorities such as delivery of reliable, high quality systems along with exceptional customer service. SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd, have revealed that the warm weather so far has made 2014 one of their busiest years, especially where the air conditioning side of their business is concerned.

Many homes and businesses in the UK are ill prepared for warm spells as they do not occur as frequently as in many other countries. We also have in this country the added problem of humidity, which makes sleeping and working in the heat very uncomfortable. SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd, are Refcom [air conditioning] registered installers, and install, service and maintain air conditioning systems from major names like Mitsubishi, Daikin, Samsung & Hitachi. High quality air conditioning systems have huge benefits such as quiet and reliable operation, instant control at the touch of a button, thermal efficiency and energy savings.

SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd, also offer all heating related services including extremely popular underfloor heating. As an approved installer of NU Heat products, their underfloor heating installations are incredibly dependable and are designed to meet the requirements of each individual customer, be it in the home or business. With underfloor heating, a controlled flow of warm water from any heat source is pumped through plastic tubing embedded in the floor. This type of heating system negates the need for any additional heating, even when outside temperatures are low. Versatile underfloor heating can be incorporated into a new build property, or retrofitted to an existing one. Energy efficient, eco-friendly power sources like solar panels and air source heat pumps work well with these systems, saving you money on fuel bills.

SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd, strive to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and clients include, the American Embassy in London, the Hilton Hotel Park Lane, John Lewis, HSBC, Waitrose, Savills Property Management and Ealing Council.

Call for more information on their products and services on 01277 823648

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