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Keeping You and Your Family Warm this Winter

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Keeping warm and comfortable at home is a priority in most areas of the UK, and heating systems which are both functional and economical are what we all aspire to. Energy efficient heating systems allow us to enjoy hot water and warm, cosy surroundings without worrying too much about fuel bills.

Modern boilers incorporate advanced technology, making them a lot cheaper to run than their forerunners. You will find some of the most high performance, superior quality boilers, radiators and accessories at Plumbshop.Net. With less money being spent on heating the home, you may have extra funds for indulging in the little luxuries of life, such as purchasing a whirlpool bath! We stock an extensive range in our dedicated whirlpool department, located on the first floor of our Squires Gate headquarters in Blackpool.

Whirlpool baths are available in a range of sizes and designs, and will provide a spa experience for all the family. As physiotherapists know, water therapy does wonders for the body, and the gentle action of activated bubbles against the skin eases stress and soothes aches and pains. Whirlpool baths can improve circulation, assist with wound healing and lessen inflammation, as well being immensely pleasurable.

We offer a wide variety of plumbing and heating products, and have an excellent reputation amongst building and refurbishment contractors, hoteliers, local authorities, tradesmen and the general public. We are proud to be the first choice for many, when sourcing boilers, radiators, heated towel rails, sanitaryware, bathroom furniture, showers and accessories all at competitive prices.


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Those who live in Northern Ireland, have been experiencing significantly reduced oil prices for several years now. This has been welcome whenever temperatures have plummeted, and looks set to continue. The general consensus is that oil fired boilers are an extremely wise option, and that its a good time to stock up on home heating oil. This opinion is fuelled [excuse the pun], by an inability to predict whether prices will increase or drop even further. Finlay Fuels are a family run business in County Down, who supply and deliver high quality home heating oil and bottled gas at pocket friendly prices. You can order directly online, and they also offer expert boiler servicing for added convenience.

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