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Clean, Safe and Comfortable Swimming Pools

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Working with water can be challenging, especially where it has to be kept clean and bacteria free in the case for instance of swimming pools. Pumps are crucial to the performance of a pool as well as the health and safety of those using it. Without a good quality filter pump, bacteria and dirt will stay in the pool and cause a number of issues. They spell trouble, expense and can provide a breeding ground for disease.

Inevitably, a swimming pool which is regularly used by members of the public, and even privately owned pools to some extent will collect copious amounts of insects, grime and bodily fluids. All of which can cause problems and need specialist care and attention. Water balance is quite a complex aspect of swimming pools also, and one which is not always fully understood by pool owners. It is however essential for comfort, safety and avoidance of corrosion, which is why balance tank cleaning should not be overlooked.

If water balance is incorrect the pH will be affected possibly resulting in skin and eye problems. This will also interfere with the capacity to deal with germs and limit bacteria growth. Corrosion to ladders, liners, hand rails and equipment such as pumps is another risk factor where water balance is compromised.

High alkaline water causes a high pH and low alkaline water leads to low pH, so the average swimming pool should have an alkalinity reading of 100 ppm. All pools have the issue of dissolved minerals becoming concentrated once water evaporates. This can mean that chemical additives struggle to work properly, and the formation of stains is the outcome.

Pool Maintenance Ltd are specialists in all aspects of swimming pool maintenance, and have completed many successful projects whether it’s a full refurbishment and update or supply and installation of high performance pumps and other parts. They are available for consultations on 01457 765533, and love a challenge!

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