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Feeling Hot Hot Hot!

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According to NASA scientists and many other experts, temperatures are increasing each decade. The UK has experienced this, and over the past few summers desk fans have sold out meaning people have had to endure uncomfortable and sticky environments. Luckily most workplaces have high quality air conditioning systems from specialists like Turn Key Air Conditioning, which alleviate the situation somewhat. This is helpful in a number of ways, as another study released by NASA found that productivity in the workplace falls by 3.6% for every degree over 22C.

Being used to a pretty temperate climate here in the UK, air conditioning is not as common as in warmer climates. This could begin to change however, as people realise the benefits of staying cool in work during the summer months. In this country we are not as well prepared as we could be for more frequent heatwaves. For instance : –

  • Homes, especially flats in the UK are designed to be thermally efficient, which is very welcome when the weather is cold and damp. Apparently homes in north Africa and the Middle East were configurated around a central courtyard assisting with air flow.
  • Infrastructures suffer during excessive hot weather, as for instance rail tracks can buckle when the metal expands. This would cause chaos for busy rail networks, with hold ups and cancellations Countries that typically have much hotter weather, use a differently designed system to avoid this.
  • Our road surfaces can become affected with heat, occasionally bringing traffic to a standstill as emergency re-surfacing is carried out.
  • Lots more swimming pools whether public or private are available in hot countries, where people can cool down and escape the heat. Outdoor pools are even better in the summer, why not consider having a small one in your garden?
  • Caf├ęs and restaurants are usually indoors in this country, and staff are sometimes forced to move tables and chairs outside where they are able.
  • Outdoor drinking fountains are a familiar site in parts of the US and Italy, but there are a scant amount here in the UK.
  • People in hotter countries cope with the midday heat by taking a ‘siesta’, and working later into the evening. Other efforts to avoid the warmest part of the day includes starting work at sunrise.

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