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A small space doesn’t mean you can’t have the bathroom you dream of, and there are several ways to make it work perfectly. By applying a little know-how, you can have a bathroom that is attractive, stylish and practical. One of the advantages that smaller bathrooms have over larger ones, is that due to their size, they can be modified more often without breaking the bank. This allows you to be brave and take risks, as you can easily change a look that isn’t working for you. There are ways of making a compact bathroom seem much more spacious, that work really well. These include:-


Mirrors will always make a room feel bigger and brighter, so placing several on the bathroom walls will bring surprising results. Mirror tiles are another option and will create an impressive illusion of space.

Light Colours

A simple way to get the feel of a bigger bathroom, is to keep the colour scheme basic and natural. Light, soft colours will give a great outcome, and you can add a feature wall with either patterned wallpaper, or a vibrant, deep colour. Matching towels and rugs in pretty shades etc look great against a plain backdrop. Or try a mural!

Functional Furniture

Buy a few pieces of bathroom storage furniture, to keep the space neat, tidy and clutter free. Clever stacking shelves can be used for towels and under sink cupboards are good for shampoos or cleaning products.

Walk-in Showers

Rather than a bath, walk-in showers with frameless panels are trendy, and can save space and provide a larger area to move about in.

Shortening a Room

A bathroom that is too tall and narrow will benefit from a slightly darker colour at the top and lighter bottom half, perhaps tongue and groove panelling.

Vinyl Floor Tiles

Rather than carpet, Vinyl flooring is practical, fresh feeling and water repellent. It’s also likely to be quite pocket friendly, and you may even get an off-cut for your small bathroom.

There are lots of other ways to have a fabulous bathroom, if you fancy a total change why not ask the experts at SJP Building Services?

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