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Home Heating Oil Prices

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Home Heating OilOne consequence of Coronavirus is the fact that the price of home heating oil has dropped considerably as a result of crude oil prices globally. In fact in Northern Ireland home heating oil prices are hitting a record low, and in the UK prices dropped from 45p per litre in March to 22p by April 2020. However according to the Business Insider website, demand for oil is likely to rebound sharply in 2021, surpassing levels in 2019. You know what this means. Order soon!

Recently oil prices have been lower than in 2009, which brings some comfort to households who have lost income due to Covid 19. Many people are stuck at home in freezing weather, so being able to heat their homes cheaply will be a great relief. In Northern Ireland, 68% of homes rely on home heating oil and the UK has 1.3 million households for whom this is their only form of heating.

Keep Your Oil Tank in Good Condition

Summertime is usually the best time to buy heating oil with lower prices and less demand, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on prices generally. Buying in bulk cuts out additional delivery costs, and if you are soon to replace your tank you might consider a larger size. It pays to make sure your oil tank is in good condition too, and avoid overfilling which could result in spillage. Oil spills can damage floors and other areas, and can be expensive to clean up. Have the tank and any connecting pipework looked over, perhaps at the same time as getting your boiler serviced.

Secure Your Oil Tank

Rural or remote areas are major users of home heating oil, meaning protection from theft needs to be a consideration. This oil is an expensive commodity, and is often the focus of thieves, who not only steal the oil but damage the tank and leave spilled oil. Use strong padlocks on filler caps, have tanks where they can be seen, install lighting with motion sensors and maybe fit CCTV.

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