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The Wonder of Water

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Most of us love being in water, whether in the bath, at a spa or at the public swimming pool. It’s relaxing, fun and promotes a great feeling of wellbeing, the main feature of your holiday hotel is usually the pool! Apart from having a wonderful time splashing about, swimming is well established as an incredibly effective way to keep fit!

It is recommended by doctors, physiotherapists and weight loss specialists. Swimming exercises just about every part of the body in the gentlest way, and keeps you fit and healthy. Being in water is very therapeutic, and this is particularly true for those who have mobility issues, it lifts the mood and promotes happy feelings.

In ancient times, the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans were aware of the esoteric medicinal properties of water, and utilised it throughout their day. Hydrotherapy is used worldwide to this day as an aid to health, as water therapy renders the body weightless, and can ease pain and discomfort. Floating in warm water creates an incredibly soothing sensation all over the body, and is the ultimate relaxation experience.

It may also help with the healing of various injuries and conditions by reducing inflammation. It is used to stimulate bodily functions too, which is why many people suffering from a wide range of conditions are advised to try thermal baths, saunas, therapy pools and steam rooms.

Spa holidays are a much loved break, in order to receive the maximum advantage of being immersed in water. More and more people are installing their own hydrotherapy pools up and down the UK. This allows them to linger in their own therapy pool as often and for as long as they wish, without the added stress of getting to the nearest public facility and waiting in queues.

An regular clean and service by pool specialists is all this type of therapy solution needs. Pool Maintenance Ltd, deliver an outstanding service with supply, installation, cleaning, maintenance and repair of all kinds of pools. They cater to a wide variety of domestic and commercial clients as well as to local authorities.


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Clean, Safe and Comfortable Swimming Pools

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Working with water can be challenging, especially where it has to be kept clean and bacteria free in the case for instance of swimming pools. Pumps are crucial to the performance of a pool as well as the health and safety of those using it. Without a good quality filter pump, bacteria and dirt will stay in the pool and cause a number of issues. They spell trouble, expense and can provide a breeding ground for disease.

Inevitably, a swimming pool which is regularly used by members of the public, and even privately owned pools to some extent will collect copious amounts of insects, grime and bodily fluids. All of which can cause problems and need specialist care and attention. Water balance is quite a complex aspect of swimming pools also, and one which is not always fully understood by pool owners. It is however essential for comfort, safety and avoidance of corrosion, which is why balance tank cleaning should not be overlooked.

If water balance is incorrect the pH will be affected possibly resulting in skin and eye problems. This will also interfere with the capacity to deal with germs and limit bacteria growth. Corrosion to ladders, liners, hand rails and equipment such as pumps is another risk factor where water balance is compromised.

High alkaline water causes a high pH and low alkaline water leads to low pH, so the average swimming pool should have an alkalinity reading of 100 ppm. All pools have the issue of dissolved minerals becoming concentrated once water evaporates. This can mean that chemical additives struggle to work properly, and the formation of stains is the outcome.

Pool Maintenance Ltd are specialists in all aspects of swimming pool maintenance, and have completed many successful projects whether it’s a full refurbishment and update or supply and installation of high performance pumps and other parts. They are available for consultations on 01457 765533, and love a challenge!

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Warm, Cosy Surroundings with Underfloor Heating

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ken doerrIt is no surprise that underfloor heating is growing in popularity all over the UK, and that we are quickly catching up to the Scandinavian countries. In Scandinavia, known for its low temperatures, 80% of homes are heated in this way. Underfloor heating is ideal for new build properties, extensions, conversions or refurbishments and in cases where a new floor is planned. Advances in the design and technology of underfloor heating have also resulted in an increasingly more compact and efficient system. Heat rises up uniformly into every part of the building where installed, giving an overall comfort as opposed to lingering mainly in the area of the radiators.

This form of heating has a number of practical advantages in addition to toasty warm toes 24/7, which have prompted many to consider installing it. Underfloor heating:-

  • Is relatively cost effective to install and run
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Allows floors to dry quickly after cleaning
  • Produces no noise
  • Means energy savings of 15 ÔÇô 40% can be achieved
  • Provides evenly distributed warmth
  • Is practically self regulating
  • Produces no dust or moisture , which in turn discourages dust mites
  • Frees up room space due to absence of radiators
  • Has a lower running temperature than radiators [depending on type of system] and heats to around 25oC
  • Is robust and long lasting

Underfloor heating can be connected to renewable power sources such as solar panels or air source heat pumps for incredible savings on fuel costs. This environmentally friendly solution can save money all year round, while lowering the homes carbon footprint. If these options appeal to you and you wish to join the multitude of homes within the UK benefiting from this technology, take a look at the SJB Mechanical and Building Services Ltd website. Their specialities include heating, air conditioning, plumbing and air source heat pump installation. They also have a great reputation for reliability, excellent customer service and can be contacted on 01277 823648.

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Keeping You and Your Family Warm this Winter

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whirl (2)

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Keeping warm and comfortable at home is a priority in most areas of the UK, and heating systems which are both functional and economical are what we all aspire to. Energy efficient heating systems allow us to enjoy hot water and warm, cosy surroundings without worrying too much about fuel bills.

Modern boilers incorporate advanced technology, making them a lot cheaper to run than their forerunners. You will find some of the most high performance, superior quality boilers, radiators and accessories at Plumbshop.Net. With less money being spent on heating the home, you may have extra funds for indulging in the little luxuries of life, such as purchasing a whirlpool bath! We stock an extensive range in our dedicated whirlpool department, located on the first floor of our Squires Gate headquarters in Blackpool.

Whirlpool baths are available in a range of sizes and designs, and will provide a spa experience for all the family. As physiotherapists know, water therapy does wonders for the body, and the gentle action of activated bubbles against the skin eases stress and soothes aches and pains. Whirlpool baths can improve circulation, assist with wound healing and lessen inflammation, as well being immensely pleasurable.

We offer a wide variety of plumbing and heating products, and have an excellent reputation amongst building and refurbishment contractors, hoteliers, local authorities, tradesmen and the general public. We are proud to be the first choice for many, when sourcing boilers, radiators, heated towel rails, sanitaryware, bathroom furniture, showers and accessories all at competitive prices.


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Those who live in Northern Ireland, have been experiencing significantly reduced oil prices for several years now. This has been welcome whenever temperatures have plummeted, and looks set to continue. The general consensus is that oil fired boilers are an extremely wise option, and that its a good time to stock up on home heating oil. This opinion is fuelled [excuse the pun], by an inability to predict whether prices will increase or drop even further. Finlay Fuels are a family run business in County Down, who supply and deliver high quality home heating oil and bottled gas at pocket friendly prices. You can order directly online, and they also offer expert boiler servicing for added convenience.

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Beautiful & Functional Contemporary & Traditional Bathrooms

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plumbAs the weather steadily changes and becomes colder, windier and wetter, we are left in no doubt that winter has more or less arrived in the UK. Once again our thoughts turn to seasonal celebrations and family get-togethers, evenings snuggled up in front of the fire sipping mulled wine and watching old classics like ‘Scrooge’. The Victorian Dickens character is portrayed sitting next to one glowing candle in a draughty, cold and damp house in bed socks and a night cap, without any of the comforts of home that we are used to today.

To most people in the Victorian times, bathrooms were strictly for the well off, and having a bath was a luxury despite having to disrobe in the cold weather. The majority of people used either communal ‘bath houses’, or a tin bath usually placed in front of the kitchen fire. The bath water would frequently have to be shared with every other member of the family and in strict order. Males and older members first, with the head of the family getting the full advantages of clean, warm soap and water. Subsequent bathing members of the household experienced less and less benefit as the water became increasingly mucky and soup like. The famous saying about ‘throwing the baby out with the bath water’ is a reminder of this process, as the dirty water would be pretty dense. Hopefully, hot water was added to the bath occasionally as warm, grubby water is probably marginally preferable to cool.

You would also normally have to leave the property to use the toilet, which was typically situated away from the house. This was probably a blessing as this facility was often represented by a communal yard with toilet seats arranged over a hole or pit. This is doubtless where gossip was spread, along with other things! If there was a heavy bout of rainfall, the pits were liable to overflow sometimes entering peoples homes and cellars. WC’s of one kind or another remained outdoors until the1950ÔÇÖs and 60ÔÇÖs for a lot of people, and some even preferred this, as they understandably thought of an indoor loo as unhygienic.

Luckily things are very different these days for most of us, and good plumbing is an expected part of life at home or wherever we happen to be. In fact, the plumbing trade is one of the most necessary and respected around. Companies like Plumshop Ltd, can provide a wide selection of top of the range bathroom products like baths, WC’s, showers, taps, heated towel rails and accessories. We also have high quality boilers, radiators, fittings and everything you could need for a fully functional plumbing system. If you would like a completely new bathroom or bathroom makeover, visit the SJP Building Services website. These construction specialists offer large or small home improvement building services, providing all services under one roof.

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New Heavy Duty Garden Storage Sheds with Sliding Doors

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A garden shed is a garden shed right? Well not really. A garden shed can be whatever you want it to be of things these days [within reason]. It can be a storage shed, a garage, a workshop, a summerhouse, a relaxing escape or a place to practice hobbies or work. Even the two times Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie, is known to have carried out most of her ground breaking scientific experiments in a shed in the late 1800’s! Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz were both working separately on developing the lightweight four stroke internal combustion engine around the late1800 ÔÇô early 1900’s….yes that’s right in their sheds! In fact Daimler was so secretive, people thought he had installed an illegal mint and reported him to the police.

So its fairly evident that a garden shed can have a multitude of uses, and once you have decided you need one, you should think about whether you would like a metal, plastic or timber shed. Each has its own individual characteristics when it comes to strength, durability, maintenance, versatility and look. Something crucial to bear in mind too is the quality of whichever shed you go for, as price is often higher up on the priority list for some. Nice shiny images on a website are extremely tempting, especially when the price is unbelievably low, but keep your wits about you.

Our digital promotion partners SM Garden Sheds, have a vast range of superior, high quality garden sheds and outdoor storage buildings, and are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Each product they supply has gone through the same rigorous vetting procedure to ensure it meets exacting standards. Like the latest addition to their superb range, the Wolff Comfortline metal shed collection from Wolff Finnhaus. This heavy duty steel shed has all of the attributes that SM Garden Sheds, and their customers love, with the addition of innovative features like space saving sliding doors. This exciting, precision designed range of metal sheds includes the Osaka, Sapporo,Tokyo and Yokohama leaving the competition standing. Practical, long lasting, functional and weatherproof, these heavy duty garden buildings will delight every home owner, gardener, DIY enthusiast, hobbyist, eBayer and anybody with a need for dry, secure, maintenance free space. You will find more details about these winning sheds here, or call SM Garden Sheds on 0845 601 6299.

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Fire Extinguishers, Fire & Smoke Alarms & Emergency Lighting welcome friends and marketing partners, Fire Logistics Ltd to our website with some information on the importance of fire safety.

Fire Logistics are one of the largest providers of fire extinguishers and fire safety products in the north of England. They carry our independent fire safety assessments and offer training to company-designated fire safety officers in employers own premises. Fire Logistics clients include manufacturing industries, high street shops, offices, schools, workshops and public sector organisations.

Fire Logistic consulting engineers design, install and maintain fire alarms, emergency lighting and sprinkler systems. They stock and supply a comprehensive range of fire extinguishers and fire control products designed to tackle any fire risk.

Part of the challenge of fire prevention is in having the right fire safety products for the right circumstances. A useful fire risk table included in the article shows the 6 major categories of fire, from Category A Fires – involving paper, wood and textiles – to Category F – combustible oils, fat and grease. The categorisation of fire hazards is vital in knowing how to extinguish the fire. For example, pouring water on burning oil will not put out the fire but runs the risk of spreading the fire further and faster. Similarly, attempting to extinguish an electrical fire with water could have devastating consequences.

Fire Logistics Ltd supply fire fighting equipment for every eventuality. Fire control products include:

  • Water & Foam Fire Extinguishers
  • Dry Powder & CO2 Fire Extinguishers
  • Wet Chemical & Specialist Powder Fire Extinguishers
  • Hose Reels and Accessories
  • Sprinkler Systems & Domestic Sprinklers
  • Chemical Industry Sprinklers

For more information on fire safety, fire alarms, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems, and fire awareness training, visit them at

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When our web promotion partners Turn Key Air Conditioning, chose to become one of the business solutions partners of Mitsubishi Electric, they ensured that their customers receive the benefits of some of the most ground breaking technology around. Mitsubishi Electric are one of the biggest names in world wide manufacture of state of the art air conditioning equipment, and are committed to providing a sustainable and economic solution. They are extremely selective about who they allow to install and maintain their air conditioning systems, and impose exacting quality and performance standards. They achieve this by ensuring that their representatives are members of their Mitsubishi Electric Partner Programme. Turn Key Air Conditioning are proud to be part of this scheme, which plays a significant role in customer confidence.

Turn Key Air Conditionings association with Mitsubishi, has been influential in a number of positive outcomes, including their relationship with major hotels in and around London. Turn Key Air Conditioning have successfully completed projects for hotel groups like the Premier Inn hotel group, including a comprehensive air conditioning system installation in one of their central London hotels. Crucial requirements of the installation process established that there should be minimal disruption to the hotel’s activities, along with a minimum contractor presence on site. These requests presented absolutely no problem for Turn Key Air Conditioning, due to their innovative offsite manufacturing process. Configuration of the air conditioning cassettes took place at another location, and once prepared were simply delivered, elevated to their final destination, ‘the roof’ via a crane, then connected to the pipework already in place. As the kitchen extraction system had to be disabled during installation this was taken into account when arranging a time to carry out the work.

Incredibly, the whole undertaking took a mere 6 hours on a quiet Sunday morning, as opposed to the usual 3 weeks, cutting out any stress and inconvenience for the hotel staff and guests. Turn Key Air Conditioning offer a range of services in addition to air conditioning installation so to find out more, call Turn Key Air Conditioning on 0191 438 7410

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Our web promotion partners SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd, Essex, are market leading air conditioning, heating and plumbing experts with priorities such as delivery of reliable, high quality systems along with exceptional customer service. SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd, have revealed that the warm weather so far has made 2014 one of their busiest years, especially where the air conditioning side of their business is concerned.

Many homes and businesses in the UK are ill prepared for warm spells as they do not occur as frequently as in many other countries. We also have in this country the added problem of humidity, which makes sleeping and working in the heat very uncomfortable. SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd, are Refcom [air conditioning] registered installers, and install, service and maintain air conditioning systems from major names like Mitsubishi, Daikin, Samsung & Hitachi. High quality air conditioning systems have huge benefits such as quiet and reliable operation, instant control at the touch of a button, thermal efficiency and energy savings.

SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd, also offer all heating related services including extremely popular underfloor heating. As an approved installer of NU Heat products, their underfloor heating installations are incredibly dependable and are designed to meet the requirements of each individual customer, be it in the home or business. With underfloor heating, a controlled flow of warm water from any heat source is pumped through plastic tubing embedded in the floor. This type of heating system negates the need for any additional heating, even when outside temperatures are low. Versatile underfloor heating can be incorporated into a new build property, or retrofitted to an existing one. Energy efficient, eco-friendly power sources like solar panels and air source heat pumps work well with these systems, saving you money on fuel bills.

SJB Mechanical & Building Services Ltd, strive to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and clients include, the American Embassy in London, the Hilton Hotel Park Lane, John Lewis, HSBC, Waitrose, Savills Property Management and Ealing Council.

Call for more information on their products and services on 01277 823648

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Manchester Plumbing, Heating, Electrical & Building Maintenance

Eastwood Building Services Ltd provide electrical, plumbing and heating services for domestic, commercial and public organisations in Greater Manchester and the North West of England.

They offer a broad range of services  including:-

  • Central Heating & Plumbing Installations & Repairs
  • Boiler Installation, Service & Repairs
  • Pipe Fitting & Gas Services
  • Electrical Systems Installation
  • Electrical Fault Finding, Testing & Rewiring
  • Joinery & Glazing
  • Plastering & Tiling
  • Decorating

As part of a comprehensive package of building maintenance and improvement services, Eastwood Building Services are authorised and recommended installers of Waterguard property protection systems.

Every day, thousands of homes and businesses are affected by water damage from leaking or burst pipes. To add insult to injury, as well as the disruption and costs associated with water damage, in a world of water meters, we are then charged for the water that caused the damage in the first place, and a burst pipe can lose over 30 litres of water every minute.

Waterguard works in two unique ways to protect property and to save money.

  1. Waterguard Monitors Water Usage. Waterguard monitors when water is flowing through the system. Home and business owners preselect a time limit to account for normal usage (typically 1 ÔÇô 30 minutes) or when the property is empty (typically 0 ÔÇô 1 minute). Once this limit is reached, the water supply is automatically shut off to prevent damage from burst or leaking pipes. If it is safe to do so, the water supply can be quickly and easily turned back on either remotely or by flicking a switch.
  2. Floodguard Sensors. Remote floodguard sensors are fitted under baths, sinks, or basins ÔÇô or wherever flooding or overflows are likely to occur. Once activated, the remote sensors will turn off the water supply, preventing further damage from occurring.

Waterguard protection systems have been designed for schools, offices, manufacturing facilities and retail outlets. Waterguard domestic systems can be used for multiple occupancy buildings including apartment blocks and flats. Waterguard can hardwired into new build properties or Eastwood Building Services can retrofit Waterguard protection into existing buildings.

For more information on all aspects of plumbing, electrical and building maintenance, visit

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