The Wonder of Water

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Most of us love being in water, whether in the bath, at a spa or at the public swimming pool. It’s relaxing, fun and promotes a great feeling of wellbeing, the main feature of your holiday hotel is usually the pool! Apart from having a wonderful time splashing about, swimming is well established as an incredibly effective way to keep fit!

It is recommended by doctors, physiotherapists and weight loss specialists. Swimming exercises just about every part of the body in the gentlest way, and keeps you fit and healthy. Being in water is very therapeutic, and this is particularly true for those who have mobility issues, it lifts the mood and promotes happy feelings.

In ancient times, the Greeks, Egyptians and Romans were aware of the esoteric medicinal properties of water, and utilised it throughout their day. Hydrotherapy is used worldwide to this day as an aid to health, as water therapy renders the body weightless, and can ease pain and discomfort. Floating in warm water creates an incredibly soothing sensation all over the body, and is the ultimate relaxation experience.

It may also help with the healing of various injuries and conditions by reducing inflammation. It is used to stimulate bodily functions too, which is why many people suffering from a wide range of conditions are advised to try thermal baths, saunas, therapy pools and steam rooms.

Spa holidays are a much loved break, in order to receive the maximum advantage of being immersed in water. More and more people are installing their own hydrotherapy pools up and down the UK. This allows them to linger in their own therapy pool as often and for as long as they wish, without the added stress of getting to the nearest public facility and waiting in queues.

An regular clean and service by pool specialists is all this type of therapy solution needs. Pool Maintenance Ltd, deliver an outstanding service with supply, installation, cleaning, maintenance and repair of all kinds of pools. They cater to a wide variety of domestic and commercial clients as well as to local authorities.


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